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We are partnering with suppliers and industry specific leaders to offer a wide range of services and product solutions. Visit the ASSM website to access our partners and peruse their respective offer.

We are optimists who love to work together!

We are optimists who love to work together!

We are optimists who love to work together!

Consultancy Services

We can help define and align your IT Strategy, deliver the right skills and expertise, save your time and money, make complex projects simple and protect your valuable business data.

Cyber Security Solution

We provide end-to end security with risk assessment for corporate/industrial networks/systems and help organizations identify and protect against internal and external threats to their infrastructure.

Migration and Upgrade

We can help you to move/adopt cloud computing and change safely to the latest version of your applications and upgrade hardware appliances with no data loss and minimum downtime.

Preventive Maintenance

We can implement best practices for Preventive measures as they can save the IT environment from disasters. 

Datacenter Solution

We offer all services for the construction and development of a new datacenter along with administration and maintenance solutions. With our proven expertise 24×7 SLA based services you need not worry about any compliance concerns and focus on achieving your business goals.

Backup and Recovery

We can provide you on-site/off-site and cloud-based backup and recovery solutions that suit your infrastructure and requirements to keep your data safe from loss and to protect your business from any damage.

Licensing, Support & Subscriptions

We can offer you with guaranteed best price for licensing & Subscription services from all major hardware and software vendors.

Installation and Configuration

Our skilled and trained team can help you install and configure any types of hardware or software for your infrastructure to achieve your business requirements.

Troubleshooting & Corrective Maintenance

We are using industry’s best tools and techniques to identify, isolate, and troubleshoot a fault so that the failed device, system, software or network link can be restored to an operational condition.

Virtualization and Private Cloud Solution

As per the enterprise requirements, we can provide you a visualized solution for your own Private Cloud based on industry virtualization leaders such as VMware and Microsoft. 

IT Infrastructure Service Improvement

We can maintain & improve IT service delivery for Networks, Systems, Physical/Virtual Servers, Private and Public Clouds.


Cloud Infrastructure Solution

We can provide you a solution which can minimize your cost for infrastructure development, administration and maintenance by delivering of computing services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, Applications & development services through leading cloud services providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google.